Bottle Shots: Glitters

Ice Creamy Seriotype

Only Two Colors

The Tragic Tale of Dashed Hopes: Pop-Arazzi Polish

Baroness X Southland Sunset: The Glitters

Baroness X Southland Sunsets

So I Finally Own Pacific Blue

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture in Lavish

Inspiration and OCC

L'Oreal Collection Privee: Doutzen's Nude

Glittering Neutrals

Digital Nails Nox

Glitterbomb Seriotype

My Nails are Lava-Dragon-Snakes

Baroness X Tannenbaum Teal (holo)

Baroness X Funky Fruitcake (Holo)

Ice Polish Meow-di Gras

Valentine's Day with Ice Polish