Glittering Neutrals

promotional samples ahead

I have been on another art bender lately (though I'm trying to mix it up post-wise). I got a new macro lens for my camera, and I have been wanting to paint all the things! So off to Pinterest I went, looking for inspiration. 

Forever ago, I stumbled upon this dress. I would never everEVERever wear a dress like this. On me, it would look like trashy, sparkly shapewear. But I love the simplicity of it...and me being me...I decided to put it on my nails.

My Inspiration

My Version


Colors Used:
Baroness X Fairest of All
Revlon Rich
Essie Set in Stones
(CNC Glitter Slayer)

I think I did ok with this. I might be more pleased if I had used tape to make my stripes...but tape causes more cursing than it is worth. Overall, I think I give this a solid B. Not perfect, but good enough.