Don't I know you from somewhere?
Yes you do! I used to be part of the Pretty Girl Science team. After three wonderful years, Amanda and I decided to retire the PGS blog and strike out on our own. We both felt that we had gone as far as we could as a team, and that we might be better able to explore new frontiers on our own. But don't worry! We were friends for over 10 years before PGS, and we are definitely still friends now. If anything, I think that we might be better friends now...without all the added blog pressure. 

So if you only started Bedlam Beauty in June 2015, how come you have so many posts here?
I wanted to bring over my posts from the last year or so to the new blog for a few reasons. One: I am really proud of some of the stuff I've been doing, and I feel like people just discovering me should see it. It gives a better idea of my overall style. Two: because I tend to reference old things from time-to-time, I wanted to be able to link back to the currently updated blog instead of one that won't be getting much TLC anymore. Three: they are mine. I like seeing them. Plus when I write reviews I tend to look back through the previous swatches and re-read what I wrote to see if my opinions are still the same and to look for any improvements in the brand. Have no fear! All of the old posts are still up, and will continue to be up for as long as we can keep them there.

Are your nails for real?
Yes they absolutely are. I actually get this question a lot, because I wear my nails so squared off. I haven't worn acrylics since 2006, when I was working at a bank. As much hate as the falsies get, I don't mind them if they are well done. Having acrylics saved me from losing a fingernail in a vault door once, so I am biased.

What are your favorite base and top coats?
I really like Gelous or Powder Perfect Fortifying Base for long-wearing manicures. If I intend to wear a manicure for a vacation, I usually reach for one of those. For the topper, I generally stick to Seche Vite. I pretty much have it figured out, and its hard to beat the 4oz size from Amazon.

What is your camera and lighting set-up?
 I'm a total noob when it comes to this stuff, so forgive me if I don't know the right names. My camera is a Canon Rebel T3. It's my very first DSLR, and I am enjoying the challenge of learning to use the manual settings...though if I'm honest most of my pictures here are taken in auto. I use two OTT bulbs, and I'm toying with the idea of a third. Natural light, of course, is the best...but here on the coast it is undependable. I have semi-recently picked up a macro lens, and I've been having a good time with that sucker.

How many bottles of polish do you have?
Shhhh. We don't talk numbers here...

Well how do you store it all?
I am currently hiding my hoard across three Helmers. None of them are completely full...but they are certainly getting there.

Can I bug you with nail care or beauty-related questions?
Hell yes! You can reach me via email , or on twitter. I am always glad to answer any question I can.

Do you get paid for your posts?
Currently no. I prefer to post about things without strings. I do have the odd "coupon code" but I don't earn any money from them. And even if I did...I'm way too grouchy to start pandering.

Should I be cutting my cuticles?
God no! You should never, ever, evereverver cut your cuticles. It is completely unnecessary. They can easily be removed with dissolving gels, creams, or even in the shower. The problem with letting nippers and scissors near your nails is that a lot of folks don't know the difference between cuticle and the eponychium. Your cuticle is actually very thin, dead skin that grows along with your nail plate. It should never be painful to remove. Your eponychium on the other hand, is very much alive and should never be removed or cut. It keeps your nails healthy and disease-free. Cuticle nippers are only good for removing hang nails are cutting striping tape.

Help! I've applied a peeling mask and now I can't get it off. Is this my life now?
Don't freak out, it's like those finger puzzles: struggling only makes it worse. Get a washcloth and soak it in warm water. Place the cloth on your face and gently rub in small circles. It should dissolve the mask enough to remove it without peeling your face off too.