L'Oreal Collection Privee: Doutzen's Nude

Anyone who knows me (or reads this blog) probably realizes that I like nude/neutral colors. There is no real reason for it. I don't have a job that dictates my color choices, and I am not a conservatively styled person...I just like em.

I wish this polish was perfect. The color is great. It is a rosy nude that is really easy to wear. It isn't quite "mannequin hands" but it wouldn't draw attention in a business meeting. I also think the mauvey-blush color would suit a myriad of skin tones.

If the formula was half as nice as the color, this review would be going in a very different direction. I had to apply three medium coats to cover the weird spots...and I still see a few. This polish also refused to self-level. Usually three coats is enough to fill in any furrows...but not for this one. Even a generous layer of Seche Vite did nothing for the lumps. My love for this color is only equal to my hate for the formula here. 

What do you think? Have you tried any of these nudes? I am kinda curious to try the lipsticks now...if only I could find them!