Baroness X Funky Fruitcake (Holo)

promotional sample

Are you tired of Baroness X polishes yet? Good, neither am I. Along with the Love Duo, she also sent me a couple of other polishes for the swatching, and I definitely wasn't going to say no. Who looks a gift holo in the mouth? Jerks. That's who.

This one is called Funky Fruitcake, and it is a plummy-mauve holo. I am half in love with this color already. It is at once showstopping and subtle, which is something that is tricky for colors with such a strong rainbow to them.  I used two coats (over nude undies. I was told this polish might stain. My nails are already orange.) and it was perfect. Even though this was part of her holiday collection, I think it will also fit right in with springtime.


trying something approve?

Isn't she lovely? I want lipstick in this shade...and hair color...and a car...yes. All the things. Would it be weird if I placed an order for forty-seven gallons of nail polish?