Baroness X Southland Sunsets

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I love neons. I was a child in the 1980's and  my blood is practically neon. But it is hard to feel like a grownup when wearing loud colors (because I totally care about that). But now Baroness X has made some bleached neons! Pale but bright colors perfect for the warmer weather ahead, but still work appropriate.

About this whole collection, in general:
These are marked as "one coaters", and I generally agree with that. But I am a fussy bastard, so I used two for each polish except Laguna Lime, which needed three. All of these colors also dried to a demi-matte finish, which is typical of proper neon polishes. All the swatches are shown without a white base coat. As far as I tested (which admittedly isn't far) these are all opaque enough on their own that a white base does little to nothing for these. Also, omfg a coral that suits me. WAT.

Malibu Melon

Malibu Melon is a warm coral. I'm over the moon with it because I actually like the look of it against my skin, and most corals don't suit me. This polish actually got a road-test of nearly four days because one of my awful kids (mostly kidding) gave me the plague. I spent a good few days as a zombie, and this polish survived unscathed. I needed two coats for this one, plus a healthy layer of Seche Vite. It is positively luminous and I love it. Definitely the stand-out for me in this collection. 

Palisades Pink

Palisades Pink is a cool toned neon bubble gum shade.  Normally, I am not a fan of ultrapink pinks, but this one I think is actually quite wearable.  It was perfectly opaque in two coats, and it leveled nicely under a layer of Seche Vite.

Venice Beach Violet

Venice Beach Violet is a warm delicate neon lavender. This shade was super fun, and I am now on a mission to find lipstick in a similar shade. I needed two coats + SV here, and it required minimal clean-up. Hard to go wrong with something this fun. I'd actually like to see this color on someone darker than me. I think it would pop against a deeper skintone.

Point Dume Periwinkle

This is a very unique shade of purple. It is very cool toned and lovely. I think Nyx has a lipstick color to match, if you were curious. The deeper shades definitely apply a lot easier, and I think this one could be happily worn with one coat...though I used two here. I love how bright-but-not this color is. I also love how tan I look! Its a tropical vacation in a bottle...but without the going or tropics...or vacation. Dammit.

Laguna Lime

Apparently, this is my color for 2015. This is the third or fourth neon-pale-yellow-green-lime thing that I have brought into my house this year. Its only February. I didn't do it on purpose, I swear! Laguna Lime is a bright tennis-ball lime shade that is opaque in two thin coats. It is also strangely wearable...for a neon lime. I would totally buy-but-never-wear a lipstick shade just like this.

Santa Monica Mint

Santa Monica Mint is the perfect Gir green that I have been searching for. I promise you will see it again soon. This color behaved admirably, and I barely needed the second coat for complete opacity. It is so happy and bright and minty. I was definitely sad to take it off.   

Latigo Indigo

This color is quite the shifter for me. Depending on the lighting, it goes from cool deep lilac to a proper cornflower blue. I love that. You'll also notice there is no lovely little collage here...well the collage maker I use is a dick and made all the pictures look practically royal blue. I used two thin coats below, and I think I should have made them a bit thicker as I can see a ridge here and there (which I'm against).

I had a nice collage...but it kept being a jerk.

Topanga Teal

Topanga Teal is an ultra-vivid sky blue cream. I can see this being the background to so many different bits of nail art. Surrealist, Nintendo, mind is overwhelmed with ideas. This one was a bit thick, so I think a normal human could get away with one thick coat. I did two whisper thin coats followed by a layer of SV. 

Do you have a favorite yet? I hate to say it, but I do. Malibu I might have to order a backup of that one! I'm still in awe of a coral shade that doesn't look like marmalade on me! I recommend you scamper on over to the shop and grab one while you can.

Oh, and this isn't all there is! Soon, I will be showing you the glitter toppers! Those were the most fun! I am a sucker for anything I can shine a black light on...

...and just for funsies, here's the bottles under UV light. Laguna Lime and Santa Monica Mint really steal the show!

under a black light