First Annual Blog Sale | Everything Must Go

It is time for a cleansing. A glittery, fabulous cleansing. In this semi-regularly-updated post, you will find all the shiny things I am willing to part with. Hopefully you can give it a good home. There are no bad polishes here, just ones I don't have time to love.

some of these items were press samples, and the affordable prices reflect that. the charges are mostly to cover shipping, packaging, and fees.

I have been collecting nail polish most of my life. Indies in particular since about 2012. I started "swatching" sometime in 2013, and I have never really done a proper purging. I just kept stashing them and stashing them...until we moved in 2016. I got rid of nearly all my mainstream polish, and a few indie brands that never really fit my personal style. But that was it. I had boxes and boxes of polish that were hastily packed and forgotten about in the recesses of my closet...until now. 

Let me preface this sale by saying that my choice to rehome these polishes is by no means a reflection of my feelings towards the polish, the brand, or the person behind the brand. I am just flat out of room. I am a fan of KonMari so each polish has been appropriately thanked for the joy it brought me and is ready for the next phase in this adventure, as am I.

Here are the rules:
  • US Only and must be a verified address.
  • To claim polishes – email me at
  • Priority goes by email timestamp.
  • Please include your Paypal Address so I can Invoice you.
  • Once I respond to the email with final amount and paypal invoice, you have 24 hours to pay or claimed polishes go to the next person in line.
  • Shipping starts at $4 and will go up by .50 for each additional polish. At 6 polishes it will automatically bump to Small Flat Rate. At 10 polishes it will go to Medium Flat Rate.
  • Each polish is $5 unless otherwise indicated. I’m not interested in haggling. While I don’t have a ton of space, I do have enough space to hold onto polishes. Some polishes I purchased myself and I may price them higher if I choose to. I typically will not do this for PR items.
  • All polishes are sold AS-IS. There are some that have faded, some thermals that have stuck, or formulas that may have changed. purchase at your own risk. refunds will not be given.
  • I reserve the right to refuse a sale.
  • I will ship within 3-5 business days of receiving payment. Most likely I’ll ship within 48 hours of receiving payment – however, I do have to sort through a lot to find each polish.
  • Payment is only to be through Paypal – G&S. I will not do F&F. I also cannot hold polishes. I have a lot going on and my memory can be bad – so I will most likely forget why I’m holding it.
  • Anything with a strikethrough has been sold.
  • I am also listing things on Mercari, if that is a more comfortable platform.
  • Deals can and will be made for those purchasing large numbers of bottles. 

Wild Rumpus, White Hot, Shy-Guys on Stilts

Night Owl Lacquer
Collapsed Star, Chasing Dreams, Reverie, Music of the Night

Night Owl Lacquer
It's All Rainbows & Unicorns, Moonlight, Sunshine, Persist

Glissade, Moonbeam Dreams, Plie

Firecracker Lacquer
I Pink I Love You, My Arc Reactor Beats for You, Caution Winter Ahead

Lemming Lacquer
Different Misunderstood Alone, Wicked Always Wins, I Prefer Dashing Rapscallion

Lollipop Posse Lacquer
Sea Secret, Born & Raised

Nailed It
The Jackal, Furbalicious, We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Lemming Lacquer
Just Like the Gypsy Woman Said, I'm a Difficult Man to Love, You're Standing on my Neck, Evil Isn't Born

The Lady Varnishes
Nobody's That Heartless, Luna

The Lady Varnishes
Turkish d'Lightspeed, Here's Where the Fun Begins, A Laughing Place

Bad Bitch Polish Glacier Spray
Polish'M Ricky
STELLA CHROMA Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule
McFresh Oh Rexy You're So Sexy!

Indigo Bananas
Dark Side of Maroon, Creme Bluele

Indigo Bananas
Call Me Mabel, Land Before Swine, Polish of Unusual Quality

introducing cell phone pictures + smoky skies

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Sex w/My Ex, Ilex Vinum, #twinning, Pink Stole

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Ametrine Hour, Disco Tech, Plum's the Word, Malibu Stacy's Mom

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Prism Sentence, Laser Tag, Solar Flower, Easy-Bake Coven

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Star Tar, Spirit Mint, Ring My Belle, Phantom

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Octopus Prime, Twice as Ice, Solar Powered, Baroque-n Record

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer 
Death and Taxes, Heavy Medal, Prey for Me

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Sunken Baubles, Ink or Swim

Octopus Party Nail Lacquer
Irish it Were Xmas, See Glass

Vapid Lacquer 

A Little Madness
Mistrust (medium)
Cap'n Crunkloops
Unicorn Egg
Be the Cream
Black Friday 2016
Smoke Screen
Violet <3's Snowflakes 2017
Spider & the Fly
I Spike My Coffee
Pacific Coast Hwy
Beach Please
Ishtar 2016
Persephone 2016
I Don't Feel the Spark
Pretty Pretty Princess 2016
Grape Stomp
Black Friday 2018
Much Muchier
Gilver 2017
Happy Freakin New Year 2017
Frosted Kiss
Sugar Plum Space Faerie
Happy Freakin New Year 2018
Santa Baby 2017
Gin Tastes Like Pine Trees
Black Friday 2017
Original Sin (dirty XXX holo)
Like a Virgin
Trash Can Punch
Super Sonic
Mermaid Tears
You Really Blue It
Bitter 2018
Don't Stop Believing
Vampires Don't Sparkle
Chick Fight