Baroness X Tannenbaum Teal (holo)

promotional sample

I love teal things. Obviously. My hair has been a variant of the shade for a year solid, which is amazing for me. So you can imagine my excitement when I opened up my package from Baroness X and this shining beauty was staring up at me.

Tannenbaum Teal is a lovely, perfect, blue-green-like-the-tropics-on-a-cold-day teal with a strong rainbow flare. I wore two coats over nude undies (teals and blues love me not at all. I can never go commando.) It layed smoothly and twinkled at me happily. Truth be told, I had this color in and out of my shopping cart (along with Fairest of All) before I even was offered the opportunity to swatch for Baroness I might be a bit biased when it comes to this color. It is beautiful. You need it.

macro + sun

This might be one of my favorite colors I've swatched in a long time. Like my children, I love them all...but there are occasional favorites. I liked this one so well that I used it as the base for a seriotype manicure which you will see in a few days. It is hard to go wrong with a shade like this.