Cuticula for Polish Pickup February 2020 | Power Couple + Confection

Cuticula is bringing us a fresh, juicy scent for this month's Polish Pickup. The theme this month is "Flora & Fauna" and Ms Amanda is killing us with this bright and happy trio.

 (promotional samples)

Let's start with Power Couple. This is a brilliantly titled pair of manicure essentials. You get the Mic Drop base and the Limitless Top Coat in this pair, and they really complement each other. I credit the top coat for my new-found stamping skillz. I almost made it through a full manicure without smearing my stamping, which is a personal best. I have worn this pair together and apart time and again with great results. The Mic Drop now comes in a pale bone color, as opposed to a faint green...but it performs just the same as before. 

The scent is a fruity, tropical concoction that reminds me of summer homemade popsicles and the iconic Hawaiin Punch in the juice boxes. The official description mentions guava, passionfruit, orange, and cherries. I definitely get the citrus and the cherries. It is delicious and nostalgic. When the Confection is used as a hand lotion (which is my favorite way to use it) it warms on your skin and you get a fresh tropical hit with a warm citrus back.  It is a sweeter scent, but it isn't cloying or heavy. My youngest child is a huge fan of the smell. It lasts about 30 hours in the topper and base, and fades to a gently pineapple-miscellaneous fruit scent before disappearing.

You can see in the picture below that the tint of the base doesn't translate much to the nail. It does even out the color on your nail plate...but it is more akin to a tinted moisturizer for your face in terms of coverage. I used a thin coat over dehydrated nails here.

I used a thin layer of Limitless over Bee's Knees Find Yourself  here. I was doing an Oakland A's themed manicure, and this is a great gold.

Then I did some stamping with Cuticula Wintergreen and a Moyou stamping plate. I think I am getting better with the clear stampers. I only messed up a little!

Lastly, let's talk about the Confection this month! This is fast becoming a favorite of mine, regardless of scent! I use it as an all-over hand lotion, but it works just as well as a spot treatment. I find this months scent to be a little softer in the lotion form as opposed to the Power Couple. I think I get more guava in it, too...but I am not great at identifying particular fruits.

These items will be available from the Polish Pickup on February 7, 2020. But you can hit up the Cuticula shop and check out different scents too! I am half-in love with Watermelon Slush, if you were curious!