Great Lakes Lacquer We're All Mad Here | November 2019 Polish Pickup

I am closing out the Polish Pickup madness with some sexiness courtesy of Great Lakes Lacquer. The Fairy Tales theme has been so good this month, and the variety of colors and inspirations we got were just stunning.

promotional samples ahead

I did this review a little differently this time. I got this polish a week ago (as of Nov 01) and slapped it on and ran out the door to a Halloween party. Then the wildfires, wind, low humidity, and Halloween happened. Basically: Life Happened. I inadvertently gave this hot little number a hard road test. 

For my first wear, I used 2 quick coats with the Cuticula Mic Drop base and Seche Vite as my prep & finish. By Halloween, I surprisingly had no chips. Not even on my right hand. Not even after I did a little light shaping with a nail file. With two coats you get a softer, more fuchsia look. If you like that deeper violet, I definitely recommend 3 coats.

This is a slinky, glowing duochrome that shifts from warm blood red to a glowing violet. If Jessica Rabbit were a nail polish, this would be her. The light dusting of gently linear holo just gives it a little oomph in the right lighting. It is at once a classic and modern color that will suit just about everyone. 

The formula here is a little different. It has a slightly syrupy, gliding kind of feel. It definitely prefers a light-to-medium application. But there are no brushstrokes. Not a single, solitary one. Usually polishes this reflective and dynamic will give a slight stroked look, but I think the formula here helps keep all the sparkly things suspended and separated. I used three thin coats here and it is perfect and so opaque. 

This is available NOW from the Polish Pickup. This color is so vampy and sexy and sophisticated and still somehow work-appropriate. Don't let it pass you by!


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