Cuticula Wintergreen One-Coat Stamping Polish | A Review

More Cuticula awesomeness? Heck yeah! I tested out another new product this week, and I am here to share my thoughts. I will try to ramble a little less...but no promises.

(promotional samples ahead)

I was lucky enough to be asked to swatch/test out the new holo stamping polish Wintergreen. It is described as a " coat deep forest green with silver holographic pigment throughout..." and I think I agree with that. It is a pretty forest green that I would put in the "neutral" category, color-temperature speaking. I tend to shy away from warm greens, and cool greens always look blueish to me online. This one sits right in the middle. The holo is more pronounced when worn as a regular polish, but when stamped it does add a nice sparkle. There was no actual sunshine here while I wore this, but I bet it looks fun in the sun. 

I stamped it here in between a sandwich of the Sorcery Limitless Top Coat and the Static Base Coat. I even used a clear jelly stamper...which never works for me. I was pretty stoked. It does dry a little quicker than some other stamping polishes, so don't get distracted while watching Outlander. I forgot to write down what plate I used...I know, I am awful. I do remember that it was from Moyou though.

It can also be worn as a stand-alone polish. I was scared to try this one, because greens and teals stain the hell out of me. But this one was perfect. I swatched it over a latex base here, with no staining at the cuticles nor through the base. I actually think I prefer this as a polish...that green is just sexy.

No sun, but I have a flash! I love that shimmering flame.

And here is my actual manicure that I wore for days and days. I used the Sorcery duo again here, and it was just perfect. The topper didn't smear my stamping, the base didn't peel up in the shower, and that green didn't stain my nails! I took this off after 8 days...and the only reason I took it off was because I had other things that needed swatching. My left hand (which I forgot to snap a picture of) was still great, and I had some mild chipping on my right index finger. Plus cats. I think this was another Moyou plate.