Cuticula Wild Passionfruit Duo | Polish Pickup June 2020: Cocktails & Mocktails

Remember when I said Cuticula had a second item in the Polish Pickup this month? Well, the second item is a twofer! We not only get a full-sized bottle of Limitless topper (a personal favorite) but we get a travel-friendly tube of cuticle oil!

(promotional samples ahead)

Nail Nectar is a plush cuticle oil in a handy lipgloss-style tube. It comes with a doe foot applicator, which I must admit is my favorite. I don't like rollerballs, generally (except the plastic ones) and droppers are just messy for travel. But the little doe foot lets you apply the smallest amount without wasting even a drop. The formula is thick, with just the right slip. Sometimes oil can have a bit of a grippy/gritty feeling.

The scent is Wild Passionfruit Bellini. Normally, I review the scents of Cuticula's PPU stuff before I read the description...but not this month. Cuticula is pairing with Vapid Wax this month and creating a soft cloud of scent for us! (I'll have a review on that later this week!)

Limitless Top Coat | over Cuticula Purple Passion
I have reviewed this more in depth before, but let me just give you a tl;dr on my thoughts about this topper: yes. If you are even remotely interested in stamping, this is the topper for you. It seriously helped me, a heavy-handed person, keep my crisp stamping lines and prevented much frustration.

  • available June 05, 2020
  • $16
  • no cap
  • 15ml Top Coat and 10ml Nail Nectar
  • Vapid Wax has a coordinating wax tart