Cuticula Power Couple in "Sweet Escape" | Polish Pickup May 2020: Candy Land

Cuticula is hitting us again with a delightfully complex top and base duo to celebrate Polish Pickup's Candy Land theme. Every month she comes out with a fresh new concotion, and guessing the scent notes is fast-becoming one of my favorite monthly hobbies.

(promotional samples ahead)

Let's start off talking about the scent. As always, I do not read any information about the scent before I swatch'n'sniff. I want to get a completely unbiased opinion on the scent and reading someone elses idea of things sometimes colors my own thoughts.

When it begins to dry, I smelled a nice tart-but-sweet scent. Something kinda sour, but sweet. It was lightly sour and lightly citrus...but like sour candies. Almost like the chewy sweet tarts? It was a little lighter than most of the Power Couple duos which was a pleasant surprise. I think if this were a "slap in the mouth" strength smell, the citrus notes would overpower everything else.

Amanda says:
'Sweet Escape' a candied effervescent concoction of pink lemon, citron, candied strawberry and lime zest with loads of sugar cane followed with ripe berries. Tangy and sweet as candy.
I think I agree with that. Maybe the citron and pink lemon with the (usually) sweet strawberry are giving me the sweet tart vibes?

I found the scent to remain fairly strong for about 18 hours, despite my 7,954 hand washings during this time period.  

Mic Drop Base Coat
I have reviewed this base coat before, but let me just lay the tl;dr on you here: This base works for me. I slapped two coats on here and nothing else. I love the pale, almost milky look. It also seems to work really well with both the other Cuticula top coats I have and my Seche Vite.

Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat
I have a more in-depth review that you can read here, but the tl;dr is: this topper works well for me. I routinely get a week or more of chip-free wear. It is my general go-to for nail art, as it is a thinner topper than most and is designed to not smudge your stamping. If you are using a few layers, doing stamping, or dots then I definitely recommend trying this one out.