Cuticula Power Couple in Lava You | Polish Pickup April 2020 | Aquatic Wonder

(promotional samples ahead)

This month, the scent is "Lava You". I have mentioned before that I keep notes as I swatch, before I read what info the brand sends. I don't want to color my opinion on colors, finishes, and in this case the scent. I wrote that the scent was "orange, but sweet. A tiny bit tart. Maybe blood orange? Sour/bright/acid. Very summery". I still can't quite decide what it was, but it was nice. Not sugary to my nose at all. There was something bright and green about it, but that felt like it was under the orangey notes. 

Amanda, of Cuticula, says
'Lava You' is a blend of tropical fruits with sugared oranges, lemons and limes with hints of exotic tropical florals and mountain greens.

So yeah, I would agree with that. You definitely get tropical and citrus. I don't know if I really get "sugared" but there is a sweet edge. If you are looking for something bright to lift your spirits during the quarantine, this might be worth checking out.

Mic Drop Base Coat
I have reviewed this before, which you can read here. This is quickly becoming my go-to base coat for my regular manicures. I have managed to get some really great wear out of this little base, and I enjoy mixing up the scents with different versions of Limitless. I honestly haven't even reached for my Gelous in long enough that I couldn't tell you where it is right this second. I will tell you that I have a couple different Mic Drop flavors on my desk though.

Limitless Top Coat
I did a wee review of this topcoat, which you can read here. This is a great, thin topcoat for most of your regular manicures and stamped art. I am actually getting to be average with my stamping! That is a vast improvement over where I was last year, and I swear it is because of the confidence this top coat gave me. I used it here on top of a Coconut Milk + Candy Crush sammich, and it was good. I wouldn't reach for this one with lumpy glitters, as it is very light and thin. But it is fab for just about everything else!

  • $16 for the pair
  • two full-sized bottles
  • available from the Polish Pickup
  • PPU starts Friday, 3 April 2020