Cuticula Licorice | Polish Pickup November 2019

Cuticula is killing it for the Polish Pickup this month! Not only do we get a deliciously scented duo, but we are also getting a decadent inky black stamping polish!

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This months offering for other side of PPU is a deep black multitasking polish. You can wear it in one quick coat by itself, or use it for stamping. I consider myself a bit of a black polish afficionado, and I am here to give it a solid thumbs up. 

I used the Mic Drop base, one normal layer of Licorice, and a coat of Seche Vite for this swatch. In the bottle, it looked like a very dark charcoal (which, Dear Reader, I now desperately need a deep dark charcoal cream) and I wasn't convinced it was going to compare to my sacred China Glaze Liquid Leather. Once on the nail (and stamped) it is a true, neutral black. Classic, clean, and universally flattering. 

I did a quick comparison between Licorice and my two other favorite black polishes. Now, of course Licorice is a much better stamping shade so we aren't going to compare that aspect. The only other black stamping shade I have is a discontinued that isn't fair. 

Looking at them dead-on, they all look pretty similar. I did one coat on each "nail", followed by a coat of topper. The color is pretty close, though I do feel like the Sinful is a little bit cooler toned somehow. The real difference, however, is the opacity.

With a light behind them, you can really see the difference. The Sinful is always going to a be a two-coat minimum polish...but for $1.99 I can't ask too much more. It also looks much grayer, which is kind of a bummer. The China Glaze (middle) is pretty good. The first stroke is fully opaque, but you would need another to cover the sides if you have longer nails. It's about the same cost as the Cuticula, at about $8 without coupons...but it doesn't stamp nearly as crisply. I will always gladly pay a little extra for a superior multitasking product...especially if it is an indie.

For stamping, I decided to do something a little fun! I did a seriotype (remember when I did art?) with a few mainstream polishes and then stamped an image over the top with my clean jelly stamper. I think I am getting better at stamping! I need to work on my scraping technique though. I can't seem to get the angle just right. If you have tips and tricks, leave them in the comments. I need 'em. 

Colors Used
Cuticula Licorice
Orly Paradise Cove
Orly Skinny Dip
Bundlemonster Bam! White

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