Cuticula Limitless & Mic Drop Duo in "Treasures Untold" | Polish Pickup November 2019

Back in the Polish Pickup this month is the classic Cuticula scented top and base duo. This month, we are getting the Mic Drop base and the Limitless topper in a fresh and fruity scent. The theme this month is "Fairy Tales" and Cuticula went back to her roots with a Little Mermaid inspired scent.

Cuticula Limitless & Mic Drop Duo in "Treasures Untold" | Polish Pickup November 2019

Promotional samples ahead

Mic Drop Base
I actually have a fairly complete review on this base coat, which you can read here.  I am still enjoying it. It is a ridge filling, strengthening, sticky base coat. It wears well under polish, or by itself. It doesn't seem to grab color from paint or hair dye, which is making me keep it handy when I color my hair and do miscellaneous crafts.

Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat
I have a review of this topper here, but the quick & dirty here is that if you need a light top coat that is stamping and nail art friendly then look no further. It is thin and fluid, making it ideal when you are going to be layering topper over different sorts of art. I find that when I am doing gradients + stamping + glitter the thick layers of top coat can cause my nails to peel during my first post-manicure shower. I have now used this topper for three stamped manicures that I wore for more than a week each...and this didn't peel until after a week of wear. It might be my favorite indie topper for art. 

The Scent
My very first impression (and I will not read the official scent description until after I type this paragraph) was that this smelled like Nexxus Humectress. My parents have used that shampoo/conditioner since 1832, and the smell is immediately nostalgic for me. Once it settles a little, there is something tropical that floats around...maybe pineapple? It is soft and light, perfect for the warm October days we are currently enjoying in Coastal California. The next morning there is something pineapple-tart and then something crisply sweet there...but I can't put my finger on it.

The Official Description: Treasures Untold’ A complex, but amazing scent of sweet pineapple, acai berry, mango zest, tart passion fruit, creamy coconut milk, apples, peach, rose, yuzu zest, green apple, orchid leaves, and musky nuances. 

I did pretty well! Humectress has a very soft, clean coconut smell and I would definitely call the "musky nuances, creamy coconut milk, orchid leaves, mango" all right in line with that. And you get a lot of the pineapple in the hours after your nails dry. The crisp-sweet must have been the apples and peach. This is definitely one of the more interesting scents. If you like "natural sweet" but not "candyCANDYcandy" sweet, this one is worth a try. Unless you're a monster who doesn't like pineapple.

Important Details
  • two 15mL bottles
  • $16 for the pair 
  • no cap
  • inspired by The Little Mermaid
  • available November 1, 2019