Baroness X Black Friday 2018

It is the best time of the year over at Baroness X. Black Friday is her day. She goes above and beyond each year, and this year is no different. Wait until you see the polishes...but don't worry, there aren't any goody spoilers in this post. Even I don't know what is coming. I AM SO EXCITED. All I know is the theme: aurorae...and I am there for it.

(promotional samples ahead)

Fox Fires | one coat over black
This is a crazy-ass flakebomb, full of iridescent madness. It totally reminds me of the rainbow halo around the moon on a cold night. It does look a bit like snow too, but we don't have that nonsense I wouldn't know. It lays smooth and even without top coat, and I love how little fussing this topper requires. No dabbing or smooshing here, folks. I chose black as my base, but I also tried it over a few other shades. It can do no wrong here.

Dawn of the Wind | three coats
This is a microflake magical magnetic that is so reminiscent of actual aurorae that I cannot wait to put this back on. It has a saturated jade magnetic effect atop of a fuchsia and black a bit of holo twinkle and shifting wonder and aurora shimmer. You can wear it alone, as I did here, or you can layer it over other colors. I tried black, and it was divine.

Celestial Warrior | two coats
This is DotW's softer sister. Don't mistake "softer" for "less" though. This flaked magnetic reminds me of gentle aurorae over snow-covered trees. I want to try this out over a green cream (or jelly. ahem.) but it looks so gentle and delicate alone that I completely forgot to layer it when swatching.

Auroral Song | two coats
And of course, the lusted-after jelly that is teaming with unicorny goodness. This deep, aquatic blue is full of "OGUP" and iridescent flakes. This reminds me of Anthracite...but definitely different enough that you need both. The formula is deliciously jellied, and levels wonderfully. I definitely need some deep slate undies for this shade.

Are you ready for Black Friday, Baroness X-style? She goes all-out every year for us, and I can't wait to see what goodies are in the box!