Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Baroness X Black Friday Special: The Whovian Box

Are you looking for the perfect gift for that special Whovian in your life? It's ok if that "special Whovian" is you...I promise you aren't alone in that. Baroness X has devised a delightfully decadent ultra-limited edition gift set for all the Doctor Who-and-nail polish-obsessed folks in our lives, just in time for the holidays. 

Baroness X Black Friday Special: The Whovian Box

(promotional samples ahead)

This collection of goodies is positively spectacular. A quartet of polishes, two festively shaped soaps (for all your battle re-enactment needs) sweetly scented mani bombs, and some supremely unique jewelry from Demiflux. It is a stellar reward for yourself after a year without strangling your spouse, or a gift for your favorite sibling. It is extremely limited edition at just 30 sets, and once it is's gone. I'd set an alarm for this one guys.

Baroness X Black Friday Special: The Whovian Box

Let's start with the polishes. They are the superstars here.

The Whovian Quartet

This shade, named after a human colony housing a Time Lord graveyard, is a smokey gray plum stuffed with blue-to-purple shifting microflakes. In some lights it is a calming charcoal...and then a sneaky beam of light strikes it and colors begin to dance. I have to admit that I am loving these dusty, smoked-out shades for winter and fall. I hope it is a trend that continues. The formula is just the right viscosity to allow for paper thin coats. I used three thin coats below + Seche Vite. 

Baroness X Trenzalore

Baroness X Trenzalore

Chameleon Circuit
This shade might look a little familiar to long-time readers. This shade was made for me as a birthday gift back in May, and I fell in love with it. It was everything my nerdy little heart wanted...and more. Somehow, the new version is even better. There is slightly less holo glitter, but the finish is glossier and the blue is more vivid. I wore this version for days before I saw my first chip, which is an improvement over my one-off shade. I used two coats + SV below, and I love it to death.

Baroness X Chameleon Circuit

Baroness X Chameleon Circuit

Silence, Boy!
This polish makes me giggle every time I say the name. Strax is one of my favorite characters, and dammit I would watch his spin-off. This putty gray jelly is dusted with a gentle linear holo and a smattering of multichrome flakes. It is also happily SFW, which is something that is always good to have on-hand. Much to my surprise, I used just two normal coats + SV here and it was perfectly opaque.

Baroness X Silence, Boy!

Baroness X Silence, Boy!

Vashta Nerada
If the very name of this polish doesn't give you chills and make you choke up a bit...well, you might not even be human. The ultra dense polish is a chilling combo of oil-slick multichrome glitters and tiny tiny black microglitters. You can wear it alone at three coats, like I have here, or layer a coat over black. Honestly it doesn't really make a huge difference in finish or wear-time. I was actually a tester for this shade, and I wore it shamelessly on my toes for longer than I care to admit.

Baroness X Vashta Nerada

Baroness X Vashta Nerada

The extras are what make this box special. The polishes are amazing on their own, but the care and thought added here are what will delight on Christmas morning. Or whenever...I don't judge. Maybe this can be your "congrats on surviving Tuesday" gift?

Another delightful extra in this is a generous sample of the now-famous Swatcher's Balm in Unscented. This little pot of magic has been the answer to my swatching prayers, and I know more than one nail-nut who would say the same. 

Baroness X Swatcher's Balm

For me, it's the little things that always get me. Like when you buy a gift, and its wrapped with good thick paper and tied with a proper satin ribbon...or meals that are obviously made with love, even when coming from the busiest kitchens. The little touch that really got me, with the box, is the extra step that was taken with the packaging of Chameleon Circuit. Each bottle comes in a hand-assembled paper TARDIS...complete with a flashing blue light on top. Holy. Shit. Ya'll. I posed it here with my OG bottle of Chameleon Circuit so you can get an idea of the scale of the box. It is adorable, and I will definitely be finding a spot on my shelf for this little guy.

Baroness X Chameleon Circuit and The TARDIS

The soaps are lightly scented and amusing to behold. I admit I cannot bring myself to use them yet...I don't want to ruin the awesomeness...but I also don't want to be that crazy lady with the dusty bowl of little soaps in her bathroom. They appear to be pretty straight-forward soaps, and I look forward to eventually using them. While sobbing. 

Maybe we can start a petition to make these a regular thing?

Baroness X Black Friday Special: Dalek Soap

Baroness X Black Friday Special: TARDIS Soap

I did, however, crack open the jar of mani bombs immediately. I used one of the little not-pyramids on a chilly afternoon in a bowl full of warmish water. It was delightful. There was a little shimmer in them, but my hands didn't look like a disco-ball when I pulled them out. The scent filled the room, but it was quite light on my skin once my hands were dry. I think, in general, I prefer smaller mani bombs to larger ones for my actual hands. The big ones always leave my skin a bit too oily/buttery, and it just feels like a waste to me. These are the perfect size for a quick twenty minutes of luxury. If you have tried the Baroness' mani bombs before, then you know exactly how awesome them are.

Baroness X Black Friday Special: All of Space and Time Mani Bombs

Did you guys know that Demi also makes jewelry? Some of it is really unusual, and I definitely recommend checking it out. I know that my little goons will be waking up to their own sets of Demiflux earrings come Christmas. The wee monster fell in love with the earrings and necklace (I needed a model, of course) and was rather annoyed when I told her she had to give them back. Included are a pair of 10mm silver plated cabochons painted with Chameleon Circuit (of course). I chose to have a necklace, but you can choose whether you want a TARDIS necklace, ring, or bracelet. Oh...and that TARDIS? glows in the dark. 

Demiflux for Baroness X

Important Info!
•Like I said earlier, this box is superultramega limited edition. There are 30 available, and 5 of those will be pre-sold in the Baroness X fan group.

•It will be available starting on Thursday, November 26th at 10pm PT on

$55 shipped within the United States
$65 to Canada
$75 to anywhere else in the world.

"NOTE: Customers need to remember to add the free shipping coupon to their cart. That coupon code will be on the announcement bar at the top of the page. You can add anything else to the cart. If you need your box packaged separately (if it's a gift...) please email me. I will figure out a way to package it so it's separate from the rest of the order."

Mark you calendars, set your clocks, fire up the Infinite Improbability Drive (mixing fandoms here) and get ready to grab your box on Black Friday.


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