Polish Pickup 1990s Grunge Shopping List: Nirvana and Kurt Cobain Inspired

It is Polish Pickup time, and for once in my life this isn't a swatch post! Those days are mostly behind me now, and I get to enjoy Spoiler Day like everyone else. Finally. The theme this month is 1990s Grunge, and I am 100% here for it. I have compiled a shopping list of all the brands (so far) that are using my favorite artist/group from the era: Nirvana and specifically Kurt Cobain.

(I am a PPU employee/contractor. The thoughts, opinions, and statements contained in this post are all my own and in no way affiliated with PPU. I am not endorsing or supporting any particular brand. Today, I am just a fangirl)

Are you a former 1990s teenager? Depending on which end of that decade you came of age, you either listened to one of the various flavors of rock...or you chose the Dark Side and listened to pop music. I was born in 1980, which made me a young teen when grunge first broke out into the mainstream...and I fell in love. It was angry and loud and sad and...everything my broken 12yo heart needed to have. I was a sad teenager (hooray depression!) and the moody lyrics and dark sounds of Nirvana really spoke to my soul. I am not sure if I would have survived 1995 without the Unplugged in New York album. I think I listened to that about 7,000,000 times in a row.

For all you youngins', Nirvana was pretty much the band that MTV and the mass media latched onto as THE "grunge" band. It flooded my semi-rural radio station airwaves for years and years. Many lesser copies popped out and eventually faded from memory, but Nirvana will always be the one everyone knows.

Let's get on with my personal wishlist the list! I will update with links to shop once the Polish Pickup shop goes live.

KBShimmer Come As You Are
"...A muted, olive-green base mimics that famous knitted item, while a bold blue shimmer pops like the stage lighting. Silver reflective pigment adds a dash of sparkle for a unique shade perfect in two coats..."
a collage featuring a musician and sparkly green nail polish
picture from the PPU group

Glisten & Glow Nirvana Unplugged in New York
"...a deep berry red jellie polish filled with color shifting larger particle shimmer that shift from red/orange/yellow and green..."
a collage of an album cover and sparkly red polish
picture from the PPU group

Alchemy Lacquer Heart Shaped Box
"...a plum jelly nail lacquer with amazing gold to orange to green shifting shimmer and holographic flakes."
nail polish bottle filled with shimmering pink/gold
picture from the PPU group

Ard as Nails Water Baby
"...a plum jelly nail lacquer with amazing gold to orange to green shifting shimmer and holographic flakes..."
A collage with a greenish flake filled polish and a swimming infant
picture from the ppu group

Pheonix Priceless Moment
"...a soft blue tinted base packed with intense pink/red/golden *and olive at more extreme angles pearliscent aurora shimmer..."
a wedding photo of a disheveled white couple and a grayish pink shimmery nail polish
picture from the PPU group

Lucky 13 Oh Well, Whatever, Nevermind.
"...Blackened base with tons of crimson/orange/gold/green color-shifting shimmer and flakes. Also has purple magnetic pigment that looks great magnetized or not!
Also glows in the dark..."
Slightly blurry photo of a white hand with sparkly violet nail polish
picture from the PPU group

Even though I work behind the scenes at PPU, I try to avoid seeing spoilers until the Spoiler Post has gone live. In the hellscape that has been our Roaring 20s, it is one of the few pleasant surprises the internet has for us. I really can't wait until the shop opens to grab these shades. I normally limit myself...but this month has really tugged at my heartstrings.