Polish & Beauty Expo 2023: Beaux Reves Watermarble

Polish and Beauty Expo just ended, and it was a blast! As usual, I worked the PPU table and it was such a good time. I love chatting with people who understand my love of nail polish. It's also fun to check out all the fun manicures everyone brings to the table. I didn't want to disappoint, so I broke out my water marbling cup and got to work on my most sparkly manicure this year. 


Colors Used
Beaux Reves Glow Your Own Way
Beaux Reves Seashells by the Seashore
KBShimmer Total Eclipse

For this manicure, I decided to use some of the brand new babies from Beaux Reves Lacquer. It sounds like a new brand, but it is actually the brainchild of one of the Fair Maidens. Once she was up and running, I placed an order. I was not disappointed. 

Fair Maiden Polish has decided to retire their brand and the Maidens now have their own separate brands. You can still grab FM polish at PBE or occasionally on their site, but there won't be any new collections. It's the end of an era, yall. 

The marble turned out pretty decently, if I do say so myself. The polishes spread nicely, but don't do that weird exploding thing that some shimmers and glitters do in water. I layered the two multichrome shimmers over a black cream, and it just gave them a whole new life. If you have these, I definitely recommend trying them over different dark shades. 

On the non marbled nails, I used Seashells by the Seashore alone (two coats over a lightly white tinted base) and I love the look of that color. It's office appropriate meets fairy disco. The formula was nice and smooth, which we all expect from an OG polish maker. I can't wait to see what else Sarah brings us in the future. 

I love these blurry shots. If I can't have sunshine, at least I have bokeh.