Return From the Dead | Sweet 'n' Sour Lacquer What're You Doing in My Swamp?

This is not a drill, people: I am posting NAIL POLISH CONTENT on my blog! I know, it's super weird. But once upon a time, blogging about nail polish brought me joy. I let a sack full of assholes ruin my love for this medium, but I'm 100% over letting crappy people dictate my behavior and hobbies. 

That said, let's chat about this very pretty lizardy green polish from Sweet 'n' Sour Lacquer.  

purchased from PPU | PPU contractor

This sexy beast is a glimmering metallic lime with shifts to cool green and a bright lemon-gold face. I didn't notice it until the sun came out, but it also has a breath of holo sparks all throughout. To other people, it looks like a dynamic and aggressive multichrome…but from the wearer's angle, you'll mostly see a warm gold with a greenish hue. 

I used three thin coats for the manicure below sandwiched between Gelous and Seche Vite. It is a little on the sheer side, and those of us with strong nail lines will see a faint whisper behind the intense shiny. In fact, the shiny factor is what makes me not really care if its sheer. You generally don't see much beyond the sparkles. 

I am actually glad it is on the sheer side. Shades like this can apply a little thickly, which leaves one with obvious brush strokes. But this formula is really fluid and easy. I was fully prepped to apply a sponged layer on top, but I didn't feel like the final look needed it. This was my first Sweet n Sour, but I don't think it'll be my last. I was impressed.

I wore this to a Crafty Taco pop-up event, and got so many complements on my nails. So many. The color really does just spark joy for everyone. 

Look at the pretty color in the "sun". You may have heard, Dear Reader, but my part of California is mostly under water these days. Sunshine is in short supply, so I feel lucky to get this shot. The holo really adds a soft rainbow holo halo (say that fast a few times) and intensifies the bright lemony base.

Remember my infamous low light/extreme angles? This is as close as I will get to those now. I tossed my old light box and finally gave away my lights. All natural light, all the time...for better or worse. 

Overall, I am really enjoying this polish. I have been doing some serious damage to my nails over the last...year. I finally gave up, went down to nubs, and picked out something fun. I have no regrets about this color. It was just what I needed during this stressful and dreary season.