What's On My Nails | Halloweeny China Glaze Gradient

I know it is only August. I don't care. Halloween knows no season at my house, and as soon as Michael's starts advertising their Falloween stuff, I am ready for spooky times. I had this bright (actually a near-neon coral) shade waiting to be put away and it felt like it bridged the gap between Summer and Fall, so I decided to do a quick gradient with my favorite black. 

LET ME PREFACE THIS by saying that it has been about 10,000 years since I have done a legit gradient. At least. I am sorely out of practice but far too arrogant to admit that my skillz are rusty. That is Strike One. 

The formula of these two shades is not at all the same. The coral is more of a thin jelly, and the black is a full-bodied cream. Oh hello, Strike Two.

And finally, I had shit to do so I was rushing and careless...Strike Three. 

Here we are. I struck out looking. But...it still makes me happy. I love the low gradient which is giving me "frostbitten x bloody fingers" vibes. 

Perfection isn't real, anyway. 

Colors Used
China Glaze Liquid Leather
China Glaze No-Holds Barb

Impatience and carelessness never pay off. I did my nails on a Friday afternoon and snapped these pictures on a Monday afternoon. That is a lot of wear for a weekend. 

This color is so hard to photograph. In person it reminds me of carnelian or cinnabar. It is that red-orange that is impossible to translate digitally but is practically universally flattering. I think I could do a pond manicure with this one...it is that sheer. Which is not awesome when you have a really strong VNL like I do. Maybe I will grab one of those tinted base coats during the next Polish Pickup. 

Are you ready for Halloween? Or are you some kind of monster? 


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