Simple Summer Nail Art | China Glaze x Great Lakes Lacquer

Two posts in one month? And they're both nail related!? I know I know. But I promise I have not been abducted by aliens, it really is me. I am making a true effort to blog my  • a c t u a l •  manicures again, and I painted my nails twice so far this month so you have to look at my squat little nails again.  

(probably not promotional samples, but it might be)

I wanted to use some shades that I had laying around downstairs, because I was too lazy to climb over the baby gate (for the new puppy) and go upstairs to pick something fresh. Plus I was feeling something kind-of simple and not so "indie". Basically, not flakes and jelly and tons of shift. I intended to do a gradient of the two creams...but laziness won out again. I spotted the GLL in my "to be sorted" box and I figured it would give me the twinkle I was missing.

I think I chose well for this. 

It is bright and summery and fun...and easy. No art or skills required

Colors Used
China Glaze Too Busy Being Awesome
China Glaze UV Meant to Be
Great Lakes Lacquer Twin City Shenanigans

I set myself up in my bedroom early in the afternoon, which faces west. There is a fair bit of smoke in the western sky today, plus my windows have a green-tinted UV filter on them. Add that to the wonders of saturated bright blues that refuse to behave for cameras...and you'll have to give my color-accuracy a little bit of leeway. I tried taking pictures all over my room to give a full idea of reality...but it is still a work in progress. I am enjoying the natural lighting, but I have been using the Auto settings on my camera because ohmygodamIeverlazy when it comes to fiddling with my camera. That is one thing I will miss about my lightbox: the consistency. I wasn't dependent on the weather for my photos...which I am now. 

Do you love a simple bit of polish sometimes like I do? Simple mainstream creams and a touch of the indie magick. If you have a favorite combination, tag me at @bedlambeauty on instagram. I would love to see it. 


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