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Ok, so maybe I lied a little about not doing any more sample stuff. But as an employee of Polish Pickup, there are a few perks that even I can't pass up. Anything that makes magnetic polish more fun is definitely relevant to my interests. And this ring, you guys, is definitely bringing some needed freshness to my magnetic manicures.

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This ring is undercover jewelry...if you have giant fingers like me. I wear a size 1727 on my thumb, and this ring fits pretty loosely. But I can still wear it and look super cool. You never know when you will have to create a perfect arc in your magnetic nail polish. 

Because that is definitely a thing that happens out in the wild. Right?

I have used this a bunch on my swatch sticks, and I love it. It creates a beautiful arc, similar to the Arc from Lantern & Wren but it is far less delicate. I wouldn't go around throwing this one about or wearing it while you lift weights or move houses...but it won't shatter just from breathing on it. 

Anyway, enough chatter. Let's get to the pictures. 

I gave it a shot with an as-yet unused polish: Carina from B-Polished. It is such a shame that she doesn't make new polish anymore, because her stuff was positively inspired. Here is two coats of Carina followed with the DRK topcoat for magnetics. I am not sure how I feel about the topcoat. If you have it, can you let me know how you like it? I feel like it didn't give me the glossy finish that I crave...but it was great for reactivating the polish magic.

This polish is so lovely. It is a rusty copper holo with a shifting magnetic pull. It was a custom/limited edition inspired by the Carina Nebula. On one hand, I really want to make a ton of Crafty Taco stuff with it because it is amazing. On the other, I don't want to waste the Precious. Such decisions.

On my index (and thumb, and whole right hand) I used the ring magnet by slipping my finger in (teehee) and letting the magnet do its thing. It gave it an all-over kind of shift that was very different from my other magnets. On my pinkie finger, I used the narrow edge of a bar magnet (as per my usual) and on my ring I used the Arc magnet from Lantern & Wren. I think I need to leave my finger in the ring longer, or perhaps try resting my finger on top of it as it lays on a table. It looked so cool on my swatch sticks and when other swatchers used it. More research is needed. For science, of course.

Check out this video of the shift though. Isn't it magical?

Final Thoughts on the Ring Magnet
Do I love it? Ehhh, not yet but I think that is user error. It does give an effect that no other magnet in my collection gives, and that is reason enough to pick one up for me. It also makes a nice piece of simple, unisex jewelry if you are in the mood for something like that. I definitely will be playing around with it more, because I love magnetics with my whole heart. Anything that makes them look different is worth having, in my humble opinion. 



  1. Never had such a ring. Loving the nails :-D

    I totally didn't recognise your blog layout for a minute there haha! It looks good :-D

    1. Thank you! I figured after...years it was time for a change.

      The ring is neat. I've been playing with it more recently and it's really proving to be fabulous


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