Sugar Drizzle Polish Multichrome Eyeliner Crayons | Indie Makeup Swatches & Review

Another post? Indeed, Dear Reader, indeed. I stumbled across some awesome multichrome eyeliners and I had to snag the bunch. For science and for you, of course. These are from a new-to-me brand called Sugar Drizzle Polish and they carry a myriad of products: polish, lip products, liners, eyeshadows...all the shiny things. Click on through to read my rambly review. 

color notes: I used only natural light for these images. And of course, the sun would not comply. So real life color is a tiny bit warmer than these images. 

When I saw the swatches on instagram, I couldn't help myself. I bought the whole set, which consists of six shades that cost me $58. That seems like a lot for eyeliner, but it really isn't that bad. Individually they cost $10 a pop for 0.5g, which still isn't terrible for a nice liner. If you compare it to the Sephora house brand black eyeliner pencil which is $13 for about 0.32g. And that isn't even for a multichrome. They come in ultra slim black plastic tubes with a twist-up functionality. This is my favorite style of non-liquid eyeliner, I feel like the formula is usually just nicer in these style of pencils.

Freshly opened, the tips on these pencils are pretty sharp. But these pencils are so creamy that you will wear the point down pretty fast. I tend to apply liner at an angle, so I wasn't too worried about wearing the point off. I imagine I could probably sharpen it up on the back of my hand if I wanted. They are so tiny and delicate, you really have to heed the "don't twist them up too high" warning. The tip of my Moonbeam snapped off when I tried to twist it, so be careful. 

I don't have any black cream liner (gasp) but I do have liquid lipstick so I swatched these over my matte black lipstick from Blackmoon Cosmetics. These multichromes are a little on the sheer side without black undies. They still pack a punch, but it is a whole different world with a good black below. Without a base of any color, these give off a soft/glowy look. It goes from kinda goth to kinda fairy just depending on the base. I have a lavender cream liner that I am itching to try with Flame or Moonbeam.

I played around with these on my face although I didn't take any photos yet. (scroll down for my post-wear thoughts) They slide on pretty smoothly, even for people with withered eyelid skin like me. But they are very waterproof and set pretty fast. I doubt you would really want to buff these out, but if you do you better work quick. You can, however, create a nice gradient with these if you choose. They layer nicely over each other whether you apply them immediately or wait for them to set. At the time of writing this, I have a lovely gradient of all six on both eyes. I am also in my jammies with caterpillar it is a whole look today.

The listing says they are eye safe, but not for the waterline. So...for science I popped Blaze in my waterline. It was surprisingly pretty and reflective. I do not have watery eyes, in fact the opposite is true for me. But my eyes weren't irritated or burned, but your mileage may vary. It has been about two hours since I applied it (at the time of writing) and the color has only slightly faded at the outer corner of my waterline...but it hasn't transferred below that at all. 

So let's break this down
  •  cost: $10 each or six for $58
  • cost per ounce: $57
  • waterproof: yes
  • scented: no
  • would I recommend: yes, definitely
I love finding new indie brands. Even more so when they make a really interesting product. If you have even a moderate skill level with liner, these will give you a really impactful look that will make you feel a lot more fancy than you actually are. And for the price, I think they are a steal. If you are a nut like me, then the whole set is awesome. If you can't spend that much on non-practical makeup, then I think that Hello Babe and Blaze are probably the most multichrome bang for your bucks. 


No real review is complete without an actual wear test in real life, right? Of course not. I had my first chance to wear these for a full day a few days after posting this, and I am now back with my thoughts and comments. 

I layered Soul over Nyx Tropical Green for this look, with some fairly neutral orangey shades on the crease. Soul isn't the most shifty, but I really like that color next to my eyes so I couldn't not pick it for my first wear. In real like it was really reflective and metallic...which is great for glasses wearers. Some liners swatch really wonderfully, but don't pack enough punch to show up with my glasses on. Soul slid easily over the Tropical Green without dragging or picking up the shade below, which made me very happy. 

These photos were taken on a foggy day at about 7:30pm with my Samsung s8+. I edited the first one to compensate for my weird bathroom lighting, but the rest are unedited. I applied my face at about 11:45 am on this day, so this is what the liners (and the rest of my makeup. ugh.) look like after a full day of wear. I didn't get any unusual transfer or sliding. The color of the liner didn't fade, flake, or transfer to my brow area. I am super impressed with Soul, and I hope the rest of the colors do this well. 

side note: even the most waterproof of eye primers cannot compete against sunscreen on the eyelids. Holy shadow creasing, batman!

 ♦ eyes ♦
Nyx Proof It! Waterproof Eye Primer
MAC Omega
Lunatick Labs Cosmetics Pumpkin Queen
Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie
Nyx Slide On Liner in Tropical Green
Sugar Drizzle Polish Eyeliner in Soul
Essence I ♥ Extreme Volume Waterproof Mascara
ColourPop Brow Boss in Soft Black

♦ face ♦
EltaMD Sunscreen spf 45
MAC Strobe Cream 
Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation in Neutral Porcelain

♦ lips ♦ 
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Buff


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