Simple Nail Art | China Glaze, Fingerpaints, and Fresh Paint

It has been a long-ass time. Between injuries, the Apocalypse, and general...disinterest this blog has been abandoned for the most part. But times, they are a'changin'. I am starting to feel well enough to paint my nails again, and I am actually enjoying it! It feels good, man.

Colors Used

China Glaze A Waltz in the Park

Fingerpaints 50 Shades of Ashley

Fresh Paint Honeydew

 I dove into my untried drawer (which, btw has spread all over my house in the last few years) and grabbed a few shades. I initially wanted to use a Barry M glitter as an accent...but it didn't have the coverage or the shapes that I was feeling. It feels a bit like an Easter egg, but I still dig it. 

As for the state of the blog...things are going to be changing. 

First: This is probably the last artificially lit photo of my nails you will see...unless I dig through my old pictures and post them. My lights are so old, and The Crafty Taco has pretty much shoved my whole nail set up into a tiny corner. Plus...I cannot get my stupid white balance set to save my life. I don't have time to stress over something that should be, overall, an enjoyable pastime. So the fake lights are going away. I don't think I'll miss them, but there might be a few gloomy images in our future. Just like life, not every day is a sunny one.

Second: I will be posting more makeup. I really enjoy all cosmetics, not just nail polish. Swatching consumed me, and I didn't have room to share everything I enjoy. So if you don't like makeup, or my face...well...oh well. 

Third: I will not be posting on a schedule. I have been suffering with severe shoulder pain for the last year. Adding that to the stress of the Apocalypse has led me into a pretty unhappy place. On days when I had to go out for physical therapy and had to see people wearing half (or no) masks stressed me the hell out and pretty much ruined my day. It led to me being grouchy, grumpy, and just generally mad at all the humans. Add all this to the guilt of not keeping up a blog that I have had since 2015, and it made me feel even worse. So I have released myself from schedules where my hobbies are concerned. If I blog five times this month and only one the next, I will be fine with it. Or else. 

I want to blog again for the reasons I started way back in 2012: because I enjoy it. Timelines, self-imposed obligations, and shitty people have ruined a lot of things for everyone in the last two years. It is time to take shit back. 

Starting with my nails. I know, I know. But baby steps, ok? 


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  2. Love these! I haven't been to Five Below in a hot minute-- I think I need Honeydew, if it's still available. So happy to see a post from you, and so glad you're honoring your own interests and boundaries!


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