Psyche Minerals Tequila Sunrise Loose Mineral Eyeshadow | Polish Pickup May 2021: Guilty Pleasures

Who is this? Where am I? Yes, I have decided to write a review! I was sent Pysche Mineral's offering for Polish Pickup this month, and while I usually do photos for her...I was inspired to write a review because this color is so fun.

(promotional samples ahead)

Tequila Sunrise is a soft tangerine sparkler with a peachy glow. It is very versatile, too. In the swatches below, I tried it over bare skin and over my favorite Nyx Proof It! waterproof primer. You can see that it is practically two shadows in one. When using a grippy primer, you get more of that coppery-pink fire. Swiped gently on dry skin, it is a lovely sparkly wash of orange. 

I was initially nervous about this shade on my skintone. Soft oranges can go very wrong on fair skin. But I used a flat lay-down brush on my daughter (who is fair/cool) over primer and I think it looks very modern and fun. This shade sings  as a warm neutral on medium/medium deep warmer skintones. Trisha of The Polished Mage wore it in a soft wash, it it looked fantastic on her. It was very on-trend for summer. If you have warm toned skin, medium-to-deep skin, or just love a good sunny shade then this was made for you. 

The fallout was surprisingly minimal. When using a primer, you will get a few diffuse sparkles underneath but nothing too offensive. Like I mentioned before, I patted it onto primer on my daughter's eyes with a flat brush. But I did softly buff the edges out with a dense synthetic brush. The fallout really wasn't bad at all, especially for a loose shadow. But I do recommend to do your eyes first, just to save yourself the headache.

top: dry | bottom: over primer

patted on over primer

swatched over primer

swatched dry