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Another Cuticula SPrinkle? But of course! This time its a bright happy red that smells pretty fantastic. 

(promotional samples ahead)

Cherry Slush is a brilliant neutral red foil with teeny tiny iridescence and a sweetly tart cherry scent...and a secret. IT STAMPS! I know, I know...shocking. But getting the scent + the stamp right seems to be a sticking point, because I don't know of a lot of scented stamping shades. If you know some more, do let me know. 

The scent is exactly cherry slushy. smells like summer. I was continually surprised that there was no sticky feeling to my nails because the scent was that true.

I love reds. I find them particularly flattering on me, and reds like this are pretty much flattering and sophisticated on everyone. Think of a classic red lip on Vivienne Leigh or Dorothy Dandridge, that is the vibe I get from this red.

I used one coat here followed by a layer of unscented Limitless top coat.  The yummy cherry scent lasted for about 3 days on me, pre-quarantine handwash-pocalypse.

remember, my "macros" are generally not 100% true to life. They are designed to show off details and nuances of the polish that a traditional swatch can't quite convey. 

Products Used
Cuticula Cherry Slush 
Cuticula Spangled 

♦ ♦ ♦ 

Bundlemonster BM-XL23

It stamps like a dream. I had to use this cherry themed plate. I HAD TO. 

I am really happy with how this turned out. It's happy and fun, and really brings a breath of summer to a rather dreary and sad winter for me. What do you think? 


  1. Gorgeous red and nice stamping design :-D

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