Rogue Lacquer The Sky is Falling | Polish Pickup December 2020: Everything is FINE

Another beautiful cream-jelly from Rogue Lacquer. She makes some really great shades overall, but she really has this formula dialed in. If you are looking to add something for Spring to your Polish Pickup shopping cart, then you might want to scroll on through this post.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a pretty "cold, clear sky" blue cream jelly hybrid stuffed with raspberry, aqua, gold, purple, and sky blue flakes. Like I mentioned before the break, this is a formula that Rogue does really well. I am not normally a cream jelly lover, but I do enjoy this one...especially on my wee nubs. Sometimes with formulas like this you can have a little bit of trouble getting all the flakes to lay flat, but I didn't have any problems with this one. I used two medium coats followed by a layer of Seche Vite here, but I think if my nails were longer I would do three thin coats instead. Shorter/squared nails are a little more forgiving when it comes to application, at least for me. 

The inspo behind this one is rainbows. "...For the everything is fine theme, Rogue didn’t choose a standard photo. When I was thinking about what I wanted to make, and what color would go with the theme, Rainbows was a common thought. So I went with rainbows, becuase they are a symbol of hope! And not to disappoint the theme with a bit of quarky name “the sky is falling” was born..." I definitely see a rainbow here. I think after the hellscape of 2020, we could all use a little sunny weather.

It kinda reminds me of holiday wrapping paper, but shredded and spread around my carpet...which I admit gives me a little shiver. My late cat had an affinity for destroying paper, and this year is my first in fifteen years without her. It'll be weird, for sure. I might just make a mess on xmas morning to make myself feel better. 

Also, what in the hell is going on with my white balance on my camera? I swear that I didn't change it, but it keeps changing on me. I finally gave up on trying to fix it. The polish looks spot on, but I look slightly bluish. Weird shit.

  • $12
  • inspired by rainbows
  • no cap
  • available 04 December 2020


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