Nailed It! The Long Road Home: Polish Pickup December 2020: Everything is FINE

More beautiful things from Nailed It! this month. I do love her polishes, and this one for Polish Pickup is just extra special. Maybe it is the inspo, or maybe it is that epic shift.

(promotional samples ahead)

This month's stunner is a soft turquoise superholo with a cool violet to warm fuchsia shift. The holo is intense and luxe on a oceanic shift like this. I wish I had the sun so I could fully enjoy this. I bet this polish looks amazing on a beach in Hawaii. I need to go there to check. For science. It is like a disco sea hag, which is an aesthetic I didn't realize I was in love with. 

The formula is thick and even. A careful hand and short nails might be able to get this one to be a one-coater...and it might even stamp. I'll have to check on that when my new lights come in. I didn't have any lumps, bumps, or dragging with this one expects from the brand. It's not as fluid as I generally prefer...since I tend to be a bit heavy handed with polish. I used two normal coats here followed by a layer of Seche Vite. 

The inspo for this shade is no surprise for anyone who has followed Nailed It! for a while: Supernatural. This year was the series finale, and I am not ready for it. I am a season behind, because CW isn't available here, so no spoilers in this post! But I definitely relate to the "EVERYTHING IS FINE" vibe of Polish Pickup this month in regards to the ending of the show. The guys are my age, and I understand wanting to do something else after 15 years...but noooooooOOOoooOOooooOOooo. This year has ruined so many (admittedly trivial, but still) things, why does it have to take my boys too? I may never emotionally recover.

Beware. There are lowlight photos ahead. To recreate these angles in your own home, turn on one light in a dark room and waggle your fingers slowly. That is pretty much what I do. It is the best way to catch all the shifts! 

and with the flash! See? How pretty is this one with a bright light? It looks like a christmas tree bokeh! I need the sun back...but again, I'll take fog over smoke and ash. 



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