Nailed It! Hawaii La La Land | Polish Pickup November 2020: Red Carpet

It's Polish Pickup day and I am here to celebrate with some sparkly Nailed It! goodness. This month's theme of Red Carpet really feels like it was made for Tia, and she definitely nailed it this month. I loved this polish so much, I used it for my own PPU item!

(promotional samples ahead)

La La Land is a gentle cool pink jelly filled to bursting with shifting glitters, holo, and flakes. On my neutral/cool fair toned skin, this is almost a neutral. On deeper tones, you see more of the purple and gold of the flakes singing forward. Looking dead-on, you get a sunrise blush of pink and gold with iridescent edges. As you waggle your fingers around, you see greens and more golds and a tinge of reminds me of some pastel bioluminescent creature. In The Crafty Taco bag charm, you can see a lot more of the aqua thanks to the magnifying glass dome. You will get it on your nails, but only at certain angles.

I used two coats here, followed by a layer of Seche Vite. This is a bit jellied and I can see my nail line below...but only slightly. My lights, like I have mentioned before, are B R I G H T. This polish is so sparkly that you will not notice a line in real life. I wouldn't want to use three coats, because I prefer a thinner look on the nail. Added to that, I wouldn't want to mess with the soft ethereal glow that this finished manicure has. 

My favorite part of this polish is my trademark low-light macros. It looks like a completely different polish and I cannot get enough. I bet this would be amazing as a pedicure shade in the summer. I can imagine the glow and shift under aqua waters of a pool...and I am looking forward to trying this out when the Apocalypse is over. 

  • Inspired by Emma Stone
  • $13
  • shifty AF
  • 33o available



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