Cuticula Rainbow Sprinkles

Remember when I had nice nails? Hell, even Pepperidge Farm doesn't remember. My pretty nails are a casualty of 2020, and the sad thing about it is I didn't even notice until they were gone. Thankfully I found these pictures buried in my harddrive and I can reminisce. 

(promotional samples ahead)

I love a good, natural, neutral nail. SFW is one of my favorite things when it comes to manicures, and some of my favorite shades for doing simple manis come from Cuticula. Her original Blush Base (and the Mic Drop to a lesser degree) make the perfect clean, healthy nail. If you search the Cuticula tag here on the blog, you'll see my review of that. I haven't tried the new version, but all the swatches I have seen appear to be just slightly more saturated. 

My Blush Base is in the scent Sparkling Mint, by the way. I highly recommend it. It is such a nice, fresh scent. 

For a simple manicure, I layered two thin coats of Rainbow Sprinkles over a single layer of Blush. Then I slapped on a thin coat of Limitless. It is a really great, fast manicure that looks really classic and purposeful. I think this would make for a really nice work-appropriate Pride manicure. The tiny flakes are so fun. 

In case you are new here, please be aware that I use distance and shadow to show all the facets of a polish when I think it needs it. It is pretty easy with my current set up, but I know that nowadays camera use is on the downswing. I should try and see if I can recreate the same shots with my phone. Phones are notoriously inaccurate, but it would be a fun experiment!

This topper is still available on the Cuticula shop! This was a press sample, but I would 100% go back and buy it. It is just enough sparkle and color. 



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