Vapid Wax And the Award Goes To...| Polish Pickup November 2020: The Red Carpet

Vapid Wax has another unique wax melt for this month's Polish Pickup. The Red Carpet theme is really bringing out the best in the participating brands, and the home fragrance category is going above and beyond even that. 

(promotional samples ahead)

The scent this month is sweeter than I usually go for, but bubbly and bright. It is described as plums, champagne and a breath of honey for cozy sweetness. It definitely feels like something a daring young star would wear to their first red carpet event. If you love sweet with a shade of  tart, this one is for you. 

I smell candied fruit and something a little fizzy when it is cold, and it only gets stronger when melted. It smelled like cherries or cherry syrup to me, but I think that is my nose mis-identifying the sweet candied plum. 50% of the people in my house loved this scent...but the other half was not a fan. They don't like anything sweet at all, so their opinions when it comes to this stuff is not worth much. I think I would like to blend this scent with a warm vanilla or (gasp) a baking bread scent. It packs a punch on its own, like all Vapid Wax. 

The appearance of this clamshell is red carpet ready, for sure. It is a soft, saturated pink dusted with gold holo glitter. When you warm it, it becomes a brilliant red (that didn't stain my warmer!) and you see hidden shimmers swirling in the liquid wax. Vapid Wax is among my favorites to photograph, because the melted colors are so vivid and fun. Except the white. Those are boring for picture-taking. 

  • bubbly champagne, ripe plums, and honey. Fruity sweet lovers, rejoice!
  • no cap
  • $5
  • 3oz of wax
  • available November 6, 2020