L.A.Girl | Color POP Trio

A thousand years ago, L.A. Girl reached out to me and asked if I would like to swatch some fun new shades. I was over the moon, because this brand is pretty rare in my neck of the woods and Ms. Jessica of Be Happy and Buy Polish makes me want them all. I was sent a bright trio...and then the apocalypse happened. These have been sitting on my desktop ever since, mocking me. 

 (promotional samples ahead)

Lovely | two coats
This is a pretty cool-toned pink cream. It reminds me of the orchid crayon quite a bit. It's not quite pink, not quite purple...but great for Spring and for something happy for Winter. The formula was a teeny bit on the thick side, but it leveled really nicely with a layer of Seche Vite.

Tantrum | two coats
This is my favorite. It is a jelly-cream in a bright cool-toned poppy red. It has a feminine, vintage vibe with a really plush finish. I cannot wait to wear this in the summertime...when the apocalypse is over. I will enjoy this chilling by a pool in a posh hotel. Just hand me the 100SPF and the floppy sunhat. 

Burst | one coat
Get your sunglasses for this one. This is a cool, rose-gold holo topper and it is just a delight. Rose gold is such a universally flattering shade, and the addition of the holo gives those of us who love polish a little taste. I used one thin coat here, but you could sponge this on for an opaque look.

And I did some art! I KNOW. But this trio was screaming to be worn together. So I broke out some 2012 style and I kinda love how it turned out. I sponged on the glitter for my middle nail, and then did polka dots. 

Do you still grab the occasional drugstore polish? I haven't been shopping in the last seven months or so, but I still kinda peek at what is coming out on instagram. 


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