Cuticula SPrinkle of the Month for April 2020: Grape Slush

Remember when I blogged on the regular? I don't even think Pepperidge Farm remembers at this point. But once upon a time I was a regular blogger/swatcher for Cuticula, and I was lucky to get the SPrinkles each month. If you aren't aware, these are usually her stamping polishes that also make some amazing regular manicures for busy folks. I am trying to clear out my hardrive, so check out this blast from the semi-distant past!

(promotional samples ahead) 

This is a fantastic plummy fuchsia. In my house, we call this Rani Pink. We have a big-ass velvet comforter (that my daughter has claimed) that is this EXACT color. It is one of my favorites in all things. The metallic glow brought to us by some wee little flakes give this a foily feeling while hiding any flaws in my hurried application. To this day, I still reach for this shade when I need a quick mani or pedi.

I used one coat plus a layer of Cuticula Limitless Quick Dry Top Coat.

And of course, this polish stamps like a dream. Sometimes shades with flakes aren't the most crisp when it comes to stamping...but these macros don't lie. I layered it over Cuticula's shade for Polish Pickup that month, and it was a match made in heaven. 

Products Used:
Cuticula SPrinkle Grape Slush
Cuticula Magically Delicious

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