AgAuCu Saints and Steel Necklace | Polish Pickup November 2020: The Red Carpet

I am so excited to be sharing my thoughts about the AgAuCu necklace for this month's Polish Pickup. I have been a long-time admirer of this brand, and have a few pieces in my collection. I love how unique-but-comfortably-casual they all are. But this one really grabbed me. When I first saw it, I knew I had to have it...and then I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review it! 

(promotional samples ahead)

This necklace is a combo of stainless steel and metal alloys. It measures approximately 26 inches, all told. It may look heavy, but it really is as "light as a feather".  I haven't measured it, but if it weighs more than an ounce, I would be surprised. I wore it for a few days, and honestly forgot I was wearing anything at all. 

I love the unique functionality of this piece. The pendant is in a fixed location, due to the unique way the chain is attached. This means that you won't have the clasp sliding down and around throughout the day, and it isn't going to snag your hair as you move. Without my glasses on, I can slip this over my head easily...which is very handy when your nails are longer. 

I was really drawn to the full-moon look of this one. I admit, I am a sucker for anything remotely lunar, but this was really something special. It looks like the moon hanging round my neck, but also somehow very clearly inspired by armor. It is feminine without being girly. Strong without being boring or bulky. It is so thoughtfully created, I think this would suit just about any human. 

When I saw the inspiration, I was struck. Zendaya, while I may not be a fan of her music (she is a singer, right?) has always impressed me with her fashion sense, maturity and poise on the red carpet. The first time I remember hearing of her was years ago, when some fashion editor had the nerve to say her...twists (I think) were not appropriate for the event. Zendaya replied, in no uncertain terms, with an eloquence and authority one often doesn't in people her age. I was smitten. Plus, she always stuns when it comes to the red carpet.


In case you wanted to see what the necklace looked on a (plus sized) woman, here it is! It is just the right length for me and I love how minimalistic is is...especially against a busy pattern. I can't wait for cold weather to come to the central coast so I can wear this with my sweaters! 

  • inspired by Zendaya
  • 25 available
  • $15
  • available 11/6 from
While we wait, check out her shop. I managed to snag two past-PPU necklaces that I accidentally snoozed through!.


  1. UM excuse me, thank you so so much!! I did not expect SUCH sweet words from start to finish. I am the happiest maker right now!! <3<3<3

    1. Its all true! Except maybe the part about Zendaya being a singer. She might be an actor.

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