Vapid Wax Narf! | Polish Pickup October 2020: Animation

Vapid Wax is a blog favorite. All you have to do is scroll through the tag to see that. This month, we are being treated to a snuggly Fall scent inspired by one of my favorite diabolical duos: Pinky & the Brain. 

(promotional samples ahead) 

Narf! is described as Pumpkin cookie pancakes topped with vanilla frosting, whipped cream and a hint of maple syrupIt is a pretty pale jade green wax dusted with metallic teal glitter. You get about 3oz of wax here, and this sucker packs a punch.

Cold Sniff
I couldn't really get a true cold sniff on this one. It is "summer" here on the Central Coast, and it is about 75F inside my house. I know, lame. So my cold sniff is really a "kinda warmish sniff". I got maple. So much maple. My firstborn walked by me and asked "why does the upstairs smell like maple donuts?" and now I desperately want donuts. I don't love maple, but I don't hate it. But this is a strong, clear, warm maple scent. Go buy a maple donut, put it in a paper bag, and warm it in the microwave for about 7 seconds. That is what I smell.

Warm sniff
As per usual, I dropped this into my wax warmer and walked out of the room for half an hour. The maple scent snuck out under the door and drifted through the I really want a donut. I was a bit disappointed because Vapid Wax usually isn't one-note. Then I walked into the bedroom and smelled the spices. Cinnamon and clove, and something creamy and warm...wrapped in a maple blanket. If you love the buttery Fall treat scents, you will adore this scent. It was 100% meant for you.

As always, watch it melt! And maybe tell me why the light on my warmer is blinking?

  • $5.00
  • no cap
  • inspired by Pinky & the Brain
  • made for Fall lovers
  • available from