Vapid Wax for Polish Pickup September 2020 | It's Showtime!

Vapid Wax has been a favorite of mine for years. Most of my wax collection is from Vapid. So I was super excited to be invited to review the clamshell for this month's Polish Pickup. It was inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies: Betelgeuse!

(promotional samples ahead) 

Like I said above, this wax melt was inspired by Betelgeuse...which is hands-down the best movie Michael Keaton ever starred in. I even watched the cartoon religiously as a kid. A local independent theater had a special anniversary showing and I dragged my whole family to see it on the big screen. My oldest daughter was Lydia for Halloween in 5th grade and I have never been more proud. So you could say I was a little excited for this wax.

My family describes this scent as "holiday" and "like Granny's house" and "like Bath & Body Works, but it doesn't make my eyes burn". No one hated it, which was amazing as my husband really isn't a fan of non-incense smells. That alone makes me want to buy this by the ton...and it's only Friday so I still might buy more. 

Cold Sniff
When I first cracked this open, I smelled tart cranberry and bright citrus with a lovely undercurrent of fresh clean earth. It smells like Fall/Winter without the overbearing sweetness that I generally find with most citrus/berry sweetness. 

Warmed Up
Once this warms up, you get a softer version of the original scent. It is cozy and pleasant, like a blanket on a chilly afternoon. It reminds me of simmering orange peels, cinnamon sticks, and berries in a pot of water on the stove...which was how we did the smells back in the 80s. It also kind-of reminds me of the orange juice soaked dried cranberries from Trader Joe's...which are the best things ever. I don't personally get a lot of the earth, but I think that is what keeps it from being cloying and cheap-smelling. 

Official description
"...a warm, inviting scent of cranberries, orange cloves, mandarins, bergamot and spices..."

Each wax clamshell comes with the most AMAZING sandworm lapel pin. I would pay $10 just for the pin, so the rest is really a bonus for this particular fangirl. (you'll find the rubber back taped to the back of your clamshell)

And if you're curious, here is a melt video. 

  • available from The Polish Pickup
  • $6 for 3oz
  • inspired by Betelgeuse
  • comes with a badass pin
  • 160 available