Psyche Minerals Fall Trio | Debut Collection

Are you ready for something good from 2020? Me too. Psyche Minerals is bringing it to us for the first time in a trio of pretty Fall-inspired shades. I live in a land without "Fall" but these makes me feel a little pumpkin spicy.


(promotional samples ahead)

Deciduous | three coats
This is a deep olive jelly. For a newbie, this is a killer formula on a jelly. I can see pond manicures, glitter many things. I love a good squishy green, especially for Fall. It is a lovely, modern version of vamp.

Lurid | three coats
Next up is a bright sunset gold shimmer with a surprising green-peachy rose shift. This one is a little sheer, which is actually perfect. You can wear this one alone like I did, slap one quick coat on for a breath of SFW shimmer, or layer it over pretty much any color. I really want to see how this one will work when sponged on. I bet that shimmer will explode.

Leaf Peepin' Rides | three coats
Teeny, tiny metallic microflakes. Imagine Fall leaves blitzed to near-powder in a blender...then set loose on the wind. This is another multi-tasker. I used one layer for some art down below, but it builds up nicely. I still spy a little nail line here, but in real life I didn't see it at all...and really, this is so reflective that you wouldn't see anything beyond shine.

note: I slapped one coat of this on my left hand over Cuticula's Coconut Milk Sorbet and forgot about it. Without proper prep, base, nor top coat...I went a week without chipping. 

Deciduous + Leaf Peepin' Ruffian Nail Art
I really wanted to do something fun with this collection, but I wasn't feeling over-the-top art or anything fussy like stamping. So I went back to basics with a quick ruffian. I hadn't done one since going rounded, and I think I really love this style. I also love how the dark green base brings up the metallic rose finish of Leaf Peepin' Rides. 

These are available now from This is her debut trio, and if this is any indication...we are in for some great shades in the future. If I had to pick a must-have, I think Deciduous would be the one. It is such a flattering shade (and long time readers know I don't love greens on me) and makes me feel very sophisticated. 


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