Nailed It! By Your Side | Polish Pickup October 2020: Animation

Nailed It! has plucked at my heartstrings with her offering for this month's Polish Pickup. Her inspiration for the Animation theme is Inuyasha...which is one of my favorite cartoons of ALL TIME and space. I used to stay up late and watch it on Adult Swim and when we got online streaming servies it was always the first thing I went looking for (after Supernatural).

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a stunning violet sparkling thing with coppery flakes. And bonus: it is magnetic! Huzzah! I love magnetics so much. So much. I might be a wee bit biased with this one, because the inspo and the brilliant magnetic. I used the Arc magnet from Lantern & Wren, which gives you a really cool reversed pull when you lay it sideways. I love how it brings up the deep indigo in the middle like a night sky, framed by swirling purple clouds. If you use a regular magnet, you will get a different look but I love that arc. 

The formula is a little thick, but not hard to manage. I would use a lighter hand when you apply this shade, but not a super careful one. I prefer a thinner nail, so I always try to go with thinner coats. I think the formula is just right for getting that dramatic magno-pull: I didn't magnetize the first coat but you would never know from looking at this. You could even use a navy or deep violet as undies for this, and I think you would still end up with nearly the same opacity as I have here. 

I used two average coats and a layer of DRK's top coat for magnetics. I haven't decided if I like that topper...or if I am even using it right.

The shift looks like sparks from a campfire against a night sky. I am here for it.

  • $13
  • 300 available
  • Inspired by Inuyasha
  • Available on October 2, 2020



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