Vapid Wax Odor Neutralizers: Snuggles & Citrus Breeze | Post-Melt Review

 Vapid Wax is well known at this point for making some amazing scents. You can scroll through the wax melts tag here on the blog and see some of the delightful offerings from back before it became its own thing...which is great for us, because it means we get more RTS wax now than ever before. One of the newer items in the VX shop is the Odor Neutralizer. It is a magical little wax tart full of tiny odor-eating fairies that make your house smell like it isn't filled with terrible children science and stuff that absorbs and removes unpleasant stinks.

(promotional samples ahead)

Vapid Wax describes the Odor Neutralizers as "...odor neutralizing wax melts which can actually neutralize certain odors...". Which I interpret as Febreze for the air, and in case you don't know me in real life I should mention that I am in LOVE with Febreze. It smells like "clean" to me, and is infinitely better than the stink of humans, food, and farm.

It is worth noting that I live in a house with 4 humans. Two of whom are kids...and kids are smelly. They are. It's not their fault, but holy cow. Plus, my kids are generally pretty sporting. We have a lot of stinky gear and "locker room" stink in this house. When I was offered the chance to review these, I kinda laughed...because our stink-banishing requirements are pretty stringent. If they work here, I bet they'd work anywhere.

Citrus Breeze | starting at $2.75

This is a cozy orange and passionfruit blend. It kind-of reminds me of Sunny Delight, but without the cloying sweetness. It is fresh and delicious, and great for giving your mornings a boost. I definitely like melting this one before noon. It feels like breakast and comfy sweaters. 

As for odor neutralizing, it worked a treat. I popped about a third of this 2oz scent shot into my bedroom warmer and closed my door for half an hour. Then I opened things up and let it flow into the kids rooms. Everyone agreed that most of the funk was muted and/or gone. It is a wee bit strong in smaller rooms, but with a window open it flowers into a soft bright glow of ripe fruit. 

Snuggles | starting at $2.75

Snuggles is a the best description for this. The best. It feels like wrapping yourself in a freshly washed blanket. In fact, see the fleecy blanket in the picture above? Imagine I just pulled that out of the dryer on a chilly Fall afternoon. (Thanks to the Peanut for letting me borrow her blanky) That is the smell of this wax melt. Or like you are walking through a neighborhood where several people are doing laundry. Its that warm, close, clean smell. 

Does it murder stink? Yes. I think this one might work better than the Citrus Breeze. My teenager loves this one. She has a warmer in her room, and I think she has used almost all of this one in there so far. I think because its less of a "scent" and more of a "clean" smell. It has been requested that I buy more of this one by 50% of the humans in the house.

My final thoughts:

I hope Vapid Wax makes more scents. I see one "Blue Agave" on there that I haven't tried yet, and I did buy an extra clamshell from Polish Pickup this month. These are great, soft, inoffensive wax melts that I consider essential for the new "everyone at home all the damned time" world that we live in now. My husband hates a lot of the wax melts that I like (we have an ongoing battle. He turns the melter off whenever I am not in the room...I turn it back on.) but these are universally tolerated and mildly enjoyed. 

Grab these at, and look for them in the Polish Pickup.