Vapid Wax Wild Passionfruit Bellini | Polish Pickup June 2020: Cocktails & Mocktails

Vapid Wax is, thankfully, a staple of Polish Pickup nowadays. This month we are being treated to a festive drink-inspired six-cube wax melt that smells like a tropical vacation.

(promotional samples ahead)

Cold Sniff
When I first gave it a wee sniff, I definitely smelled something fruity. I am not super familiar with passionfruit and I think it reminded me of "zesty peach". There was a bit of a sweet-fruit edge to the scent as well. 

Warm Sniff
After about half an hour, the scent had bloomed into something fizzy and peppy. I smelled something that reminded me of green melons, with a effervescent topping.

I melted this in my bedroom, which is pretty generously sized though not huge, with the door closed because my husband hates anything remotely sweet. Within 30 minutes, the whole room was filled with a STRONG fragrance from just one cube. Since it is the apocalypse, I haven't been able to test this with my door open. But I would put money on one cube easily filling a large room with a pleasant, softly sweet scent. 

My bedroom smelled like delicious fizzy fruit for about 12 hours. And that is with a couple of windows open and a fan on. I thoroughly enjoyed the way this scent shifted as it aged. I smelled a bit of orangey something for several hours before it dissipated completely.

Want to see a melty video? Of course you do. I will say that I had to speed the middle of this video up a little. This is a nice, slow melter. I threw it into a hot warmer, and it still took a long time to melt through. So  if you are looking for an all day melt, this is 100% the one you want.

  • available June 05, 2020
  • $5.00
  • no cap
  • Cuticula has a top coat/cuticle oil duo in the same scent!