Rogue Lacquer Purple Flavored | Polish Pickup June 2020: Cocktails & Mocktails

Next up, we have a pair of wonderful drink-themed products from Rogue Lacquer! Not only are we getting a polish with Rogue's signature deftly done flakes, but a fresh new scent in soy-based remover!

(promotional samples ahead)

This pretty saturated orchid jelly is inspired by grape soda! It is a medium purple filled with shifting flakes that do kinda sparkle like the classic effervescent soda. The flakes shift mostly in firey tones, but every few wiggle waggles you see a breath of green. I think this shade is universally flattering, just because of the range of the flakes.

I used three coats followed by a layer of Cuticula Limitless top coat. 

Also, I don't like grape soda. Does that make me a monster?

Take It Off | soy based remover
This month we are getting another generous travel-sized, skin-friendly nail polish remover in a fresh new scent. The scent is "Cabernet Wine" and it is really reminiscent of wine. Which is weird for a non-drinker like me! I really do like this remover formula, especially now that I am washing my hands 7, 560 times a day.

  • available June 05, 2020
  • $12.50 polish
  • $7.00 soy based remover
  • no caps


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