Psyche Minerals Lilith | Polished Gamers Box June 2020: Borderlands

Psyche Minerals is participating in the Polished Gamers Box this month! The theme is Borderlands, which is a fast paced first-person shooter with a delightfully twisted sense of humor.  I have the first one, though I admit I haven't finished it. It sort-of makes me dizzy, so I can only play a little bit at a time. 

(promotional samples ahead)

Happily, there is makeup inspired by the game. I love the whole cell-shaded aesthetic, and the items that I have seen so far really speak to the vibe of the game. Molly chose Lilith as her inspo, and I think it is pretty spot on. Lilith is a siren, and this definitely calls to me like a siren. 

It is a pretty, muted taupe-mauve with a soft coppery sparkle. It is perfectly neutral, and appropriate for pretty much all occasions. You could wear a light/dry sweep of this for work, and then smudge another layer on for evening. It is also lip-safe, so you could tap a bit onto your favorite lip balm for a sublte monochromatic look. 

All the pictures are taken in full, mid-day sun. Swatches done with a dry finger on dry skin. This shade has some serious color payoff.

  • available June 15th, 2020 from
  • $7.50 for a 5g jar
  • no cap
  • Lilith from Borderlands inspired
  • safe for all cosmetic applications