Cuticula + The Crafty Taco: Red, White, & Blue Trio

You GUYS. I was so excited to be asked to do a collaboration with one of my favorite brands (and makers): Cuticula! I am lucky enough to get to swatch for her fairly regularly, and as the Crafty Taco  I have been using her items pretty regularly. But this month, we made some art together! On purpose!

 (promotional samples ahead)

Spangled | two coats
This is a white cream/jelly filled with bright red, silver, and brilliant blue metallic flakes in an array of sizes. It applies without any fuss and fight, which is pretty much the most important thing. You could apply this over a white cream if you wanted a brighter/less squishy look...but what is the fun in that?

I know my pictures make it look a little warm. Yall...cameras and lighting are the bane of my existance. I switched back from my Rebel T6 to my reliable T3...and I feel like I am right back to square one. So despite what these particular pictures show, this is a true white. Almost a little gray on me in real life. You'll see the sunshine pictures, which are a little more accurate. Eventually I am going to throw the whole camera/light set up out the window.

Firecracker Crush | two coat over Cherry Slush
This flashing baby is a patriotic version of the hit Candy Crush topper. A holo mix of red, blue and silver; this is the topper you need for the summer. You can sponge it on for a super-solid blinding look, or swipe two thin coats over a bright color like I have here. It does dry with a little texture, so I would use a thicker top coat (like Seche Vite) to get a nice glass-like finish.

The Crafty Taco | Jubilant Sparkle Adjustable Ring 
Am I really going to review something I made? Lolno. I am many things, but I don't think I can be unbiased about my own stuff. As the saying goes, "I am my own worst critic". But I will give you some details!
  • It is nickel and lead free
  • 12mm hand-painted glass cabochon
  • ships at a size 7, but can be adjusted smaller and larger without much deformation
  • available ONLY at
  • each one is painted individually, and no two are alike.
  • all Cuticula polishes
  • $7.50 each

This is available RIGHT NOW! There are still a few trios left, and they really are the best buy at $22. But you can grab just the polish duo or just the ring too. And if you haven't already, grab Elaine! It is the beautiful sapphire blue holo featured in the ring and in Amanda's amazing swatches. It is THE blue. I have swatches and a review here

  • The full set (including 2 polishes and ring) is at a first time discounted rate of $22
  • Jubilant Sparkle is $7.50 individually
  • Spangled is $9 individually
  • Firecracker Crush is $9 individually
  • Duo of Spangled and Firecracker Crush is $16


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