Rogue Lacquer | Polish Pickup May 2020: Candy Land

It's that magical time of the month again: Polish Pickup Day! Today I am sharing my thoughts on the Rogue Lacquer offerings this month. She has two items: a polish and a soy-based polish remover. 

(promotional samples ahead)

Let's start with the polish...because polish. This is a white cream-jelly hybrid filled with red, blue, and gold shreds and flakes. The formula was great. It applied like it didn't even have flakes in it. No balding, no fussing with flakes, no shenanigans. One of the best cream-jelly hybrids I have tried in a while. It was inspired by--wait for it--jaw breakers! I confess I have never had a jaw breaker. When this apocalypse is over, I may have to go find one. Until then, I shall just wear this polish. 

I used two normal coats plus a layer of Cuticula Limitless Top Coat for the pictures below.

This is a brand new product for Rogue Lacquer. It is a soy-based polish remover with a sweet skittles-inspired scent. It is also probably witchcraft. I should probably admit that I have never tried soy-based remover. Nope, not even Zoya's. I didn't expect it to work, if I am honest. But it did. It wasn't as fast as acetone, obviously...but it worked. And my skin wasn't irritated, ashy, dry, or wrinkled. You do have to use a bit more than you do with acetone, but otherwise it works just as you'd expect. I might be a convert, yall. 

Story time: I have had a bit of nail art on for about two weeks. Then, suddenly one little bit flaked up and I peeled it off. It was so satisfying. The reason I do my nails so often is because if I see even the   t i n i e s t  of chips I will proceed to peel and pick right at it until I have ruined not only my manicure, but the topmost layer of my nails. Guess what I spent yesterday doing? YUP, peeling off my polish and causing my nail plate to look like I scrubbed my hands with a cheese grater. The pictures in this post were all taken after my peelathon. 

Mark this day. Today is the day my nails looked better after removing my polish. That is the biggest endorsement I could give this weird magic soy juice.

  • available May 01, 2020 from
  • no cap for either product
  • polish is $12
  • remover is $7 for 2oz


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