Wildflower Lacquer Candy is Dandy, but Liquor is Quicker | Polish Pickup May 2020 | Candy Land

The last Polish Pickup for the day is this sweet and sassy shade from Wildflower Lacquer. You know how I love to photograph the shiftier shades, so this is going to be a little heavier on pictures than my usual post. I just had to show you as many faces of this polish as I could. 

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a blushing purple-rose-soft wine with a shift. And holo. And flakes. G U Y S. It is nuts. It is a jellied formula that is like layering silk on silk, but it still works well with other shades. I did some nail wheel swatches below, and you'll be blown away. This is easily 5 different polishes in one bottle.

The formula is sheer and buildable. I used three coats here followed by a layer of Cuticula Limitless top coat.

and now for the shift. 

Remember when I said this was multiple shades in one bottle. This is what I meant. Left to right (top to bottom, however your brain works) I tested it over different stuff. 

  • Top/left is three coats alone. This is the basic way that most folks will wear it, and it is perfect just as it is.
  • The next is one coat over a saturated violet cream (Cuticula Rock Candy). I love how the deep purple brings out the red tones in the shimmer.
  • Number three is one coat sandwiched between layers of Cuticula Blush basecoat, which is a soft pink. you get a soft hint of violet, but the flakes pop.
  • Last is simply layered over a standard black cream.

Which is your favorite? I really like the sandwiched version.

Shift lovers, prepare yourselves.


  1. Shift lover here, and this polish is already at the top of my list but I love how you photographed it with different colors underneath, thank you!!!

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