Vapid Wax Queen of Candy Land | Polish Pickup May 2020: Candy Land

Vapid Wax has something for all you sweet and sassy scent lovers in this month's Polish Pickup. I always buy at least two or three wax melts every month. I didn't expect to want anything this month, as I am not a huge fan of sugary sweet scents, but I was pleasantly surprised by the tart and varied scent of this particular tart.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a pretty clamshell with two shades/scents blended together. It is soft and pastel with some pretty pink iridescent glitter sprinkled on top. I generally don't care for glitter or shimmer in my wax, but it does make for a lovely melt pool. The blue creates a soft halo around a pale sunshine center, and the glitter twinkles and swirls as the wax melts. 

The official description:

Blue raspberry slushie on the bottom melts away to reveal the top layer; a mixture of sweet cotton candy, buttercream frosting and tart lemonade!

The scent is sweet-but-slightly tart at first, which is the blue raspberry base. I really really enjoyed that. As the yellow top melts, it gets softer and you get more of that frosting warmth. As a not-sweet fan, I actually didn't hate this one. I think the raspberry and the tart lemonade keeps it balanced and from being super saccharine. My poor husband, who is an incense-purist, was not a fan. 

If you have 40 seconds or so, watch this relaxing melt video. Sound is not required.

  • Available May 01, 2020 from
  • 3oz
  • $5
  • no cap