Psyche Minerals Candy Floss | Polish Pickup May 2020: Candy Land

Psyche Minerals is practically a Polish Pickup staple at this point. Nearly every month, she brings us a pretty mineral shadow that fits right into the monthly theme. This month we are graced with a glittery rose shade inspired by the best thing pure sugar has ever done: cotton candy.

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a warm coral leaning pink filled with pink and blue glittery glitters. It is not super opaque dry, but is nice and diffuse when applied with a light hand. Don't be afraid to try different application methods with this one. It is great applied wet (aka "foiled") or patted into a sticky base. It is best used, in my opinion, over a coordinating satin shade. When you pat just the tiniest bit onto the center of your lid, it catches the light in the prettiest way. I am also a big fan of this patted into a creamy pink-nude lipstick. 

I would share face pictures, but I am rocking some serious quarantine-chic brows and mustache. But it's ok because I am staying home forever.

You can see in this swatch macro how sparkly this shade is. But it really doesn't pack much color unless you foil it. But it is eye and lip safe, so it is a great multitasker.