Nailed It Nail Polish Cosmic Cocoa | Polish Pickup May 2020 | Candy Land

Polish Pickup is back again, this time bearing sweet treats with the Candy Land theme. I am starting the blogpocalypse with some Nailed It holo goodness. If you need some sparkles in this dark time, look no further than this dazzling shade. 

(promotional samples ahead)

This is a crazy-dazzling shade. It has something for everyone inside: holo, multichrome flakes, silvery aqua pearlescence, and a great formula. I love a good linear holo paired with other effects, so this was definitely a happy shade for my fingers. The formula was surprisingly opaque. One coat would be good as a layer over a complementary color (like a seafoam or a pale aqua) or you could build it up like I have here to be its own thing. The flakes lay smooth and even, without any fussing or hassle...which is paramount when dealing with flakes.

I used two normal coats followed by a coat of Cuticula Limitless top coat.

Hello flashy!
because I am definitely not going outside. 



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